Senior Basket Ball Team

Al Connolly   |   Bill Paterson    |  Carl Dell’Agnese   |  Brian Carrier  |  Rod Ranta

Brian Carrier just now responded to my recent email.  He has not attended a reunion or made contact  since 2006. He only went to  EHCI for one year and didn’t feel that he would be remembered and/or fit in with everyone.

He asked me for a picture of our basketball team as he had misplaced his copy. It was easy to do, as we have so many  great pictures  on our website.

Now I hadn’t seen that picture for such a long time, but when I saw it WOW !

Why am I telling you all this story? It seems that the most feecback to  my  emails is about how much everyone appreciates the pictures and information.

So I’m throwing out a bit of a challenge to everyone.

Send me some pictures, recent or old.

With Christmas happening, it is the perfect time to take pictures of you and/or your family and/or friends with your phone.

It couldn’t be easier – email me a copy to:

Russ will take care of adding them to this POTPOURRI collection.



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