Teacher Jack Foote – EHCI from 1954

Mr. (Jack) Foote in the ’50s as our teacher

Carl Dell’Agnese, the Ink Pot Trophy and Jack Foote


December 2, 2019 was Jack’s 96th birthday!

For at least 15 years now, Jack joins a few friends every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM for breakfast.   He often comments It’s the best day of the week”  for him.


Could be because we always have a shot of brandy in our coffee and we eat ‘HOT’ banana peppers.

Seven or eight of us have been getting together for over 30 years now.

L-R: (front) Mike Trenton, Jack Foote, Louis Kertsos (back) Carl Dell’Agmese, John Ginou Carl’s brother-in-law




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