Photos from our website – Dec 2020

Marianne Plaxton, Anita Maki, Joanne Davis, Lola Collins, Jacquie Eaton
Back Row: B.Gilmore, P.Salmond, J.Browning, A.Medhurst, D.Crombie, R.Cooper
Centre Row: A.Jarvie, R.Jones, J.McKay, R.Lindsay, J.Hansen, P.Hiscox, B.McCabe, J.Lytle, D.Shobridge
Front Row: B.Byberg, E.Gray, D.Wilson, S.Myers, Mr.Kane, C.Hardie, A.Connolly, P.O’Hearn, D.Amer

Roy Jones, Dave Crombie, Mr. (Joe) Kane, Peter ‘Hearn, Peter Salmond
Photo submitted by Joanne “Rudd”
The year was 1955, and this was
    our fearless young leader
        of the Student Council… Al Connolly
Back Row: Mary Dowson, Barb Massey, Shirley German
Front Row: Sandy Daniels, Denise Wood, Mabel Skinner
Back in those days, we could not see in colour…

Back Row: Mr. Smythe, Mr. Hossack, Mr. Allan, Mr. Foote
Front Row: Mr. Fick, Mr. Moss, Mr. Bean, Mr. Sturgess

Buds – Al Connolly and Carl Del’Agnes

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