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To you, Friend!

If you are a long-standing friend ever since our high school days together, you will likely appreciate the significance of the message in this card. It goes to YOU from your other Earl Haig pals.



John T. Minarik

Ramblings of Russ….

John Minarik, a former student of Earl Haig, attended one of our reunion luncheons in May 2019. Wow – what an interesting man!

Prior to that reunion, I had also spoken (briefly) to John at some of the annual Willowdale Grafitti reunions held at Graystone’s Restaurant in Aurora.

100_0679 2013 John Minarik

It was at one of these events that John so generously gave me one of his “promo” pens.

This very Canadian pen has an inscription:


If you do a Google search about the Frontiersmen, you will find a Wickipedia article:

It seems that John gave me this pen quite a few years ago – but the other day it stopped writing so I got his phone number, called him and asked if he could send me another one. Wow again! To my surprise, he engaged in a very interesting telephone conversation with me about many things: about some of the past reunions, the Willowdale days, Gord’s Rock, the Celsie Brothers’ Thornhill Jamborees, etc. He had great wit and a large sense of humour.

John asked for my postal address so that he could send me some things.

Below, are images of some of these very interesting items (received Thursday Jan 2,2020)

“… Will send you more of my [junk mail] / important correspondence (and pen) later on… Opposite side of this page shows my C.B. (Citizens Band) Radio Licence of 1960s era. I was not a club member, but I found (in those days) that a C.B. Radio in my car was very handy during my younger days of driving to NY State, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, cottage and farm trips, etc. etc. I did not want a C.B. Radio based at home (no time to sit in house and chit chat). … I still do not have a new TV set in my home since midnight on Aug.31, 2011 when local TV stations went Digital. That is now 8 years ago!! I don’t miss the crap on TV (yet). I just hit 89 years of Live Action on earth, last month.” He signs off, “Keep it holstered and well oiled, Russ”.

“… So, it was your granddad who got the wheels rolling. -> Yep, I still recall the STRATHDEE TRANSPORT trucks – red with yellow name, along hwy 11, Yonge St. between big smoke Toronto and places due north in 1940s-1950s.”

Here’s one of the trucks John remembers…

Another piece of information I received from John…

Did I say John had a great sense of humour?

Final Note: If you ever want to have a great conversation with an old Haiger from the past, I encourage you to get in touch with Carl and he may be able to hook you up.