Roy Risebrough

From: Verna Greig
Sent: December 20, 2022 6:02 PM



My Dad’s brother Roy Risebrough was the first police chief in North York.  He had no interest in doing police work but was approached by a few men who wanted to have a Police Station in North and told him he was the only one that had a car in Newtonbrook/Willowdale so that’s why they begged him to take the job. 

Roy told them he was not going to wear a uniform and was the Police Chief until he retired when North York  joined City of Toronto as one force. He only wore a uniform once when he went to Vancouver where a picture of all the Canadian Police were there. 

I remember he was still the chief when they caught the Boyd Gang (bank robbers).  They were actually caught near the top of our farm laneway at another farm there.  We were kids then but sure remember that. 


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