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Roy Jones Echo 2019

From Roy Jones to Peter Salmond

Forwarded by Peter Salmond to Carl – December 25, 2019 5:08 PM

G`Day Sam,  all is well.  Working my Co. still at 83!  I can`t count that high.  The image is with an x- Balmy Beach Hockey  Team mate,  taken about 2
weeks ago.   The best in 2020 Sam.

– Jonesy

Roy Jones – on the left with Balmy beach hockey team mate


Merry Christmas from Carl – December 2019

From Carl Dell’Agnese Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 07:46:09 p.m. EST

My wife Marion, My daughter Tina

John Rogers

To Carl from Jack (John) Rogers December 26, 2019 12:12 PM

Happy Holidays from the 8000′ level in BC. Home since May ’61.

Cheers to all who remember.

Jack (John) Rogers 


The 12C Commercial Girls

To Carl – from Lorna (Monkman) Fenn – December 27, 2019 4:20 PM

Here is a picture from 2012 where we met in downtown Toronto At the Marriott Hotel for our reunion.   We stayed for the weekend and all had a great time.

The back row from the left.  Elizabeth (O’Malley) Potash,  Elinor (Barley) Brown, Lorna (Monkman) Fenn, Marion (McCabe) North, Shirley (McDowell) Doan

Front from Left:  Ilene (Kunkel) Crossan, Violet( McDougall) Anderson, Margaret (Puccini) Tsafaroff, Natalie(Ievenieks) Tannis

For context (from our Fabulous 50s web site), click:  Grads of 55

Delphian pages…


EHCI Christmas Spirit

Thanks to Fred & Verna  Greig for sharing this great picture

That’s showing great Christmas Spirit   – CARPE DIEM !!




Junior Football Team

Information Source: Roy Jones

1953: Back Row: B.Gilmore, P.Salmond, J.Browning, A.Medhurst, D.Crombie, B.Cooper Centre Row: A.Jarvie, R.Jones, J.McKay, R.Lindsay, J.Hansen, P.Hiscox, R.McCabe, J.Lytle, D.Shobridge Front Row: B.Byberg, E.Gray, D.Wilson, S.Myers, Mr. Kane, C.Hardie, A.Connolly, P.O’Hearn, D.Amer

The year was 1953-54

1954: Post Game image – taken at Leaside High School – L. – R. – Roy Jones, David Crombie, Coach Joe Kane, Peter O`Hearn, Peter Salmond


1978 Parade: Chuck Hardy, Carl Dell’Agnese, Peter Salmond, Roy Jones

From Roy’s Photo Album…

  • Top left – in front of bus –Roy Jones , Peter Salmond, Peter’s younger sister
  • Top right – Chuck Hardy, Carl Delll’Agnese, Peter Salmond, Roy Jones
  • Middle left – Peter Salmond
  • Middle right – Dick Baker, Carl Dell’agnese, Carl’s wife Marion, ?, ?, Peter Salmond’s wife Florence
  • Bottom left – Carl –looking at ??,
  • Bottom right, Barb Wyton &  Roy Jones dancing


Senior Basket Ball Team

Al Connolly   |   Bill Paterson    |  Carl Dell’Agnese   |  Brian Carrier  |  Rod Ranta

Brian Carrier just now responded to my recent email.  He has not attended a reunion or made contact  since 2006. He only went to  EHCI for one year and didn’t feel that he would be remembered and/or fit in with everyone.

He asked me for a picture of our basketball team as he had misplaced his copy. It was easy to do, as we have so many  great pictures  on our website.

Now I hadn’t seen that picture for such a long time, but when I saw it WOW !

Why am I telling you all this story? It seems that the most feecback to  my  emails is about how much everyone appreciates the pictures and information.

So I’m throwing out a bit of a challenge to everyone.

Send me some pictures, recent or old.

With Christmas happening, it is the perfect time to take pictures of you and/or your family and/or friends with your phone.

It couldn’t be easier – email me a copy to:

Russ will take care of adding them to this POTPOURRI collection.