Fotos from Fenn

From: Lorna Fenn []
Sent: December 29, 2019 11:10 AM
To: Carl Dell’Agnese

The picture on the left is Letty Chisholm, Dorothy (Sinclair) Webster, margaret (Puccini) Tsafaroff.

The other picture was taken at the Sinclair’s after an Earl Haig Formal Lorna (Monkman) Dorothy (Sinclair) Webster,  Margaret (Puccini) Tsafaroff Obviously not big on camera taking back then.

Now it is really easy to get pictures.

Dorothy has since passed away and Letty I have had no contact with.  Not sure you want these pictures but here they are.

– Lorna


One response to “Fotos from Fenn

  1. You beauties! now and 65 years ago
    Marion MCabe North

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