Carl’s Christmas Lunch

As in previous years, Carl has held another Christmas lunch; an annual get together of good buddies. Here’s the gathering for December 2022.

Left side: Dave Amer, Dave Crombie, Carl Dell’Agnese
Right side: Fred Gotzmann, Gord Carter, Vic Bailey

The lunch was held at Paisano’s at Maplehurst & Willowdale in old Lansing-a stones-throw from where David Amer, Vic Bailey, Heather Magwood , Don Cairns and David Crombie lived in the late 40’s and 50’s.

Read about one of Carl’s previous lunches: Jolly Miller and Christmas Lunch HERE.



2 responses to “Carl’s Christmas Lunch

  1. Marion and Michael North

    How wonderful to see everyone. I was Marion McCabe and lived on Burnett Avenue where Vic also lived and I bumped into him in NYC. Also lived on Roslin Avenue where Carl’s wife also lived and I went bird watching with the famous David Amer. Bumped into Mayor David Crombie when my husband and I moved back to Toronto from New Zealand. I now reside in Vancouver and we have both been here since 1991 where Lawn Bowling took over our retirement years.
    Michael to be 90 next year and I will be 85!
    Love and best wishes for 2023.
    Marion McCabe North

  2. Great that you are still getting together. Merry Christmas to all.


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